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State of Hawaii - Campaign Spending Commission
Noncandidate Committee Filing System

The Username and Password are assigned to a Noncandidate Committee that files the “Noncandidate Committee Electronic Filing Form” with the Commission. (This form is available at ags.hawaii.gov/campaign/nc-forms/ or in the Commission office.) The Commission creates two user logins for a Noncandidate Committee that files the form: 1) An Administrator login for entering, managing, validating and filing reports of the Committee's contributions, expenditures, and other information; and, 2) A User login only for entering the Committee's information.

Once the form is filed and the logins are received, the following steps must be completed by the Administrator to access the system:

1) Enter the Username;
2) Enter the Password;
3) Click the “Login” button; and
4) Complete and file the Organizational Report.

Thereafter, the User may:

1)  Enter the Username;
2)  Enter the Password; and
3)  Click the "Login" button.

The Username and Password are both case-sensitive.

If you need further assistance, please call the Commission at (808) 586-0285.